Beginner Guide! - SATTC 101

Don't be shy! Our community is beginners-friendly, you don't need a partner to play, we have a lot of players that you can challenge at our club. All you need is a daily membership that you can purchase online and sports soft-sole shoes since we use professional table tennis flooring in our facility. 

Do I need a paddle?

No! If you don't already have a professional racket, we suggest that you just rent a paddle from us, it's included in the daily membership fee. You could try out from the variety of paddles we have at the club and then if you find something that you would be interested in buying, you can purchase it at our pro-shop located right inside our club.(We will give you a better price and advise you on what racket would fit you best)

What is the best time to come at the club?

Depending on what your goal: you could come between 4pm and 7pm, that typically our rush our which means that there will be more players in the club so there will be a better chance to find someone as close to your level. If you want to work on your technique by just practicing with another member, we suggest that you don't come during rush hour since there will be a better chance that you can have your own privacy and not be challenged by other players.

I enjoy playing at SATTC and I want to get better!

We would love to hear that. We do offer multiple solutions to the players that want to improve their game. We suggest private lessons where a coach will work with you creating a customized training program. Additionally, we offer group lesson, where you will train under the supervision of our coaches with other members. Last but not least, don't forget to play tournaments! How else would you know if you improved