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Coaching & Training at SATTC

In order to provide table tennis training, and to ensure that club activities are conducted within appropriate guidelines, the SATTC board of directors approved the following policy statement.

"San Antonio Table Tennis Club offers and encourages training for all who seek to improve their performance and enjoyment of the sport regardless of whether motivated by a desire to improve mental and physical fitness, recreational pleasure and/or increased ability to compete in tournament play . . . or other personal goals."

"Training clinics are offered from time to time and individual training is available within the following guidelines."

Each individual is responsible for contacting and making arrangements with an instructor / coach / trainer regarding program focus, scheduling session time(s) and for negotiating payment, if such fee is to be involved.

The SATTC club is not involved in whether or not instructing / coaching involves a monetary fee paid to the coach - or instead is a voluntary (no fees) arrangement. Nor the amount of fees, if any, and leaves this to individual agreements. However, if a coach-client fee (dollars) arrangement is involved, SATTC is to receive a payment of $7 for use of club equipment (tables and nets). Such payment is made to SATTC either from the coach or from the trainee but not from both. This $7 fee is in addition to the student/trainee's SATTC club dues, whether monthly or daily, which must be current as of the date of the lesson i.e., must be a club member.

If you are a dues-paid SATTC member, and you are experienced and willing to serve as a trainer, you are encouraged to inquire with the SATTC Board of Directors about placing your name on the list of SATTC instructors / trainers / coaches. The SATTC Board has final authority based on internal guidelines such as aptitude, experience, skill level, personal integrity, current club membership, length of time as a club member, etc. Coaches and would-be coaches are encouraged to pursue and maintain instructor / coaching certification by USATT but this is not currently a rigid SATTC club requirement.

A dedicated 2-hour segment of time is set aside on most Saturdays and Sundays, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, for coaching and/or practice time on an appointment basis with the coach / trainer of your choice. The coach must make certain the facility will be unlocked as this is not a regularly scheduled key-duty time(s).

Personal coaching / training / practice sessions may be scheduled and conducted during other regularly scheduled open play time whenever a table is available but not when other players are waiting to use the same table for match play.

Other than the Saturday / Sunday morning dedicated coaching time, it's best to schedule coaching / practice during times of comparatively low use, such as Friday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, or the first hour or so of any scheduled open-play day.

Robot Drill. For SATTC club members only (either monthly or daily dues-paid basis), individual drill time is available using the club's robot machine usually on Friday afternoons from 2 - 4 PM, or other times of low attendance - such as mid-day weekdays Monday through Thursday - at a cost of $15/hour, or $10/half-hour, on a first-come basis. Only the additional robot fee is paid by a monthly-dues member but a day-paid member pays that day's fee ($10) in addition to the robot fee. Make arrangements with the daily SATTC on-duty volunteer staff person who has discretion regarding a specific table / time / session.

Available Coaches / Instructors

  • Carolina Gonzalez, ITTF Level 1 & USATT Certified Club Coach
  • Clark Nicholl, ITTF Level 1 & USATT Certified State (Texas) Coach
  • Edmund Lo, ITTF Level 1 & USATT Certified Club Coach
  • Toshi Nobe, ITTF Level 2 Coach

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