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    Vlad Farcas

  • Director

    Ryan Martin

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    Mauricio Hinojosa

  • Director

    Carolina Gonzalez

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    Bruce Eichman


  • Director

    Mauricio Hinojosa

  • Director

    John Teniente

Coaching & Training at SATTC

SATTC Coaches are committed to teach you new skills and techniques that will help you improve your game and reach your table tennis goals. Depending on the goal, your coach will create a training plan which includes drills, multi-ball, and serve practice. Your coach will explain how the tournament system works and will clarify any other details regarding the game. Also, they will provide the equipment needed for the practice (balls, balls pick-uppers)

Available Coaches / Instructors

Vlad Farcas - Fulltime Coach
Highest Rating USATT : 2317
ITTF Level 1 & USATT Certified Club Coach
Assistant coach and sparring partner for Romania Paralympians: Bobi Simion (Men’s Class 6) and Makszin Dacian (Men’s Class 3)
Coach at E4Hats TTC (Fullerton,CA) -Jun-Aug 2017
Coach at Bamboo Table Tennis Club (Cluj,Romania) - Sep 2017-Aug 2018
Coach of Para National Team Player Jenson Van Emburgh since Aug 2019

Onaolapo, Ojo
USATT Rating: 2621

Mayeux, Cyril
USATT Rating: 2275

Carolina Gonzalez
ITTF Level 1 & USATT Certified Club Coach

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