Frequently Asked Question

Before playing, do I have to become a member? What are the costs of membership?

There is no charge for spectators but you are considered a member the very first time you play at our club. And thus you are expected to pay at least the daily rate of $10 (Room B) or $15 (Room A). However, at your option, especially if you decide to play frequently as many of us do, you may find it cheaper to sign on to one of our monthly plans.

What about TT behavior, courtesy and conduct?

Here are some guidelines, modified somewhat from the ones suggested by USATT - to be used, monitored and enforced by each TT player, a more detailed version is on display at the club:

  • * Players are to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner.
  • * Loud or offensive language is not tolerated. Observe quiet when nearby a game in process.
  • * Members are expected to cooperate in setting up and taking down the equipment (tables and nets) and in cleaning up the area after playing.
  • * There will be no smoking or use of alcoholic beverages/drugs in the vicinity of the facility.
  • * Willful damage to the Club's equipment - or the facility - is not tolerated.
  • * Table tennis courtesies are to be observed
  • * During open play, which is most of the time, place your magnetic ID card (this will be provided to you) on the field board space next to a designated active table and you will be next in line - second in line if somebody else’s ID card is already there.
  • * A "let" is called when a stray ball enters your court. No one will unnecessarily pass through a playing area in use.
  • * When another player is waiting, please - no "table hogging."

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