About Us

We are a diverse group. Our membership consists of both males and females and spans a variety of ages (from 10 to 90+), more than a dozen different nationalities and vocational interests including middle school, high school and college students; retirees; blue collar workers; business owners; business executives; doctors; dentists; engineers; architects; attorneys; college professors and others.

Furthermore, we take care of ourselves and our court space—no smoking, no alcohol or drugging, and no trash left behind.

Club members present a wide range of skills—from novice beginners (we will help you learn) to those who compete in local, state and national tournaments in USATT sanctioned events ( and in the table tennis events of the Senior Games (

We schedule play seven days each week in the Fitness building at the Alamo Gymnastics and Fitness Center, 16675 Huebner Road, San Antonio TX 78248.

Table tennis - San Antonio is an attractive, low cost sport which offers a rare combination of recreational fun, friendship, camaraderie, competition, aerobic exercise, physical and mental conditioning and improved hand-eye coordination—all this in an indoor environment of air conditioned courts. Training and coaching is available for the novice/beginner and also the intermediate player seeking improved skills. One can seriously pursue table tennis as an Olympic sport or play simply for recreation

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What is Table Tennis?

You probably have heard of "ping-pong"—perhaps you've even played ping-pong before. Basically, Table Tennis is a more professional way of playing the game. Using "paddles" (also called bats, blades or rackets) and a table with a net, a 40 mm orange or white ball is kept in motion by two players (singles) or four players (doubles) until one of the players makes an error, or is unable to return the ball. Such as unable to reach it, can't get there in time, or the ball is simply moving too fast.

Table Tennis Background

Table Tennis is reportedly the second most popular participant sport in the world next to soccer. Table tennis is fun, great fun. But it's not merely recreational fun. This lifelong sport, an Olympic event since 1988, provides significant mental and physical benefits. Daniel Amen, MD, clinical neuroscientist and author of twenty books, refers to table tennis as "aerobic chess" and “the world's best brain sport” because of the beneficial effects on the brain and the body, including improved hand-eye coordination, agile footwork, and reflex conditioning. This sport is available to all ages and provides a low risk of injury compared to most other sports. In addition, table tennis is played indoors and does not depend on outdoor weather conditions.

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